Powering the BBC World Service

In March 2016, Bondo village hit the world stage, sharing its news with 300 million people from each corner of the globe.  The BBC World Service broadcast live from the village with a morning programme exploring the solutions to Africa’s energy poverty crisis.  MEGA was recognised as a pioneer in off-grid electricity supply in rural areas.  Interviews with people in the village described how access to electricity can transform lives and livelihoods.  


The BBC team consisted of the leading Environment Correspondent Matt McGrath and two producers. They spent two days in Bondo village to appreciate the generation and distribution infrastructure. and speak to the many people that have been impacted by the power. 

The live broadcast was held amidst much excitement – village chiefs, the electricity committee and crowds of by-standers all crowded round to observe the show. A tea collection shelter provided the venue for the live broadcast and MEGA’s electricity powered the sophisticated telecommunications links to enable the live connection with London. 


Listen to the recordings:  

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