Download the Tender Documents are available here.

We wish to invite shortlisted firms to submit a tender for the procurement and construction of the civil works at the site. The micro-hydro plant is to be constructed close to the Bondo village. The plant shall be downstream and adjacent to an existing micro-hydro plant that is currently operated by us. This hydro plant is known as the Lower Bondo plant.

This is an invitation to tender (ITT) inviting selected firms (Tenderers) to provide a tender for undertaking the Scope of Work described in the documentation.

Only those companies who have expressed their interest will be allowed to tender. If you would still like to express your interest for this, then please follow these additional instructions detailed here. Please ensure that you submit you expression of interest if you have not already done so by 5th October 2016, by email, else you will not be legible for the tender submission.

Key dates

Date Milestone
28th September 2016 Issue ITT
5th October 2016 Confirmation of Intention to Bid
12th October 2016 Queries Closing Date
26th October 2016 Tenders Return Date
9th November 2016 Proposed Contractor Selection Date
23rd November 2016 Proposed construction commencement date

Details can be found in the tender document pack, which is available for download Tender Documents.

Suppliers and Contractors

MEGA works with contractors for engineering and construction of the micro-hydro generation and mini-grid distribution infrastructure.  Short-term opportunities related to project management, environmental assessments, SME development, funding proposal development, etc. also exist.  Individual consultants and companies are considered.

If you wish to join MEGA’s database of potential contractors send an expression of interest with a profile of your company.

Volunteering Opportunities

Please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering with us.