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MPs And DEC Members Excited With Progress

Arnold Kadziponye, Projects Coordinator (MuREA)

Residents Equipped on Entrepreneurship

Arnold Kadziponye, Projects Coordinator (MuREA)

Penstock where the water flows down to the powerhouse (blue building at the base of the hill) where electricity is generated.

MEGA Micro-Hydro Impacts

Larissa Duma, Masters Student, School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh.

“We are so happy to have electricity at Bondo village.
We used to have to go to the town but now we have everything we need here.”

Village Chief Bondo

“Before I started selling ice lollies I used to wait for my husband to give me money to buy vegetables from the market,
but now I have my own money and am independent”

Line Mangani, 57, of Kalamwa Village

“The electricity really helps us to prepare for lessons and mark assignments at night.
We no longer suffer eye problems like we did with kerosene lamps.”

Justin Milimbo, Headteacher Kabichi Primary School

“Delivering babies during the night is now much safer.
Before the electricity we often risked deliveries by candle light or delayed until daybreak.”

Ben Friday, Medical Assistant at Bondo Health Centre