A lighting and energy hub for off-grid homes and businesses, bringing modern lighting and USB + 12DC power. It provides bright, 100 lumen fixed room lighting to three separate rooms. Wall-mounted light switches provide modern convenience. 

  • 3 x 100 Lumen @ 6.5h / day 
  • USB Phone Charging Day & Night 
  • 12V DC Power output

A solar-powered light with a Radio, MP3 player and Mobile Phone Charging. The digital FM Radio has internal memory to save your favourite radio stations, plays music directly from an SD card or USB drive for to 10 hours. With headphone plug for personal listening.

  • 160 Lumen @ 6.6h / day 
  • USB Phone Charging Day & Night 
  • Radio & MP3 Player

 Delivering about 70 hours of light on full charge, this light solar device is perfect for reading when away from power. It comes with a separate portable solar panel that can also be used to recharge a smartphone or tablet. Available from

45 lumen
USB Charging during the day
4.7 h / day

The Pico provides up to 72h of lighting after a single day of charge. Useful for studying, home lighting and safe movement after dark. A single-body design is easy for children to use and built to withstand many years of drops, splashes and rugged use.

  • 23 lumen @ 6.6 h/day

The SM100 is the most affordable, entry-level light available on the market. Combing a compact, versatile design with a long lasting lithium iron battery creating a light that meets the basic lighting needs of families living off the electric grid. 

  • 18 Lumen @ 6.1h / day

This is a solar light with mobile phone charger. The product is designed to meet the most common lighting needs as well as cellphone charging, with modern style and up-to-date solar, LED and Lithium battery technology, and packaged in an economic and efficient system. 

  • 74 Lumen @ 8.9h / day 
  • USB Phone Charging Day & Night

This is the Pay as you go model, which allows part payments and re-activation after 30 days on payment. A suitable payment schedule is: K9000, K 8000, K8000 

  • 74 Lumen @ 8.9h / day 
  • USB Phone Charging Day & Night 
  • PAYG Activation for 30 days 
  • Required additional hardware
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